Mineral fertilizers are indispensable and one of the most important elements in the cultivation of crops.

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Fertilizers are one of the main and integral working capital in the process of increasing yields and improving the quality of crop production. The use of the full range of nutrients makes it possible to realize the genetic potential of a particular cultivar or hybrid of an agricultural crop and to obtain the maximum high-quality yield.

Application to the soil is a traditional method and includes the technology of introducing the full rate of necessary nutrients into the soil and ensuring their consumption through the root system.

It has been proven that the use of fertilizers with the most accessible forms of nutrients is the most effective for plant nutrition. The use of the main mineral fertilizer for crops provides mineral nutrition with such elements as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, lime stone, and other trace elements in a highly concentrated amount, which makes it possible to meet the needs of the crop for mineral elements during the growing season.

The indicator that determines the amount of use of nutrients from fertilizers is the coefficient of their use. Average rates of utilization of nitrogen from mineral fertilizers are 50%, phosphorus –up to 15%, and potassium – up to 60%.

All measures aimed at increasing this coefficient in the first year of fertilization will help to unleash the potential of growing crops and provide a high return on investment. As a result, mineral fertilizers that can provide high availability of nutrients will improve the overall crop economy on the farm.

Building a fertilizer application system is one of the most important processes in ensuring the planned yield indicators. This choice should be based on many factors, such as the topography of the field, soil acidity, crop rotation, the presence or absence of nutrient residues after harvest, the cultivation technology, the availability of equipment, and the like. The team of managers and agronomists of ASTRIS GENERAL TRADING CO. L.L.C. will help you to find the optimal choice of mineral fertilizers directly for your farm.